Where it all started

Founded in the summer of 2019 with the mission to build a zero-emissions future by accelerating EV adoption. At the start of 2020 we tested our product with 50 vehicles. We improved it. Refined it. Perfected it. By October 2020 ‘EEVEE’ was ready to be launched into space and beyond.

+ €4MAnalyzed charging costs
+ 90kUsers

Where we’re going?

The edge of the universe of course. Curious to learn the coordinates? Or simply looking for a partnership?


We believe in the power of community.

Our goal is to create a product and service that is tailormade to the wishes and desires of our user base. That is why we’re continuously working to improve EEVEE and truly listen to what our users have to say.


The team

We are on a mission to build a zero-emissions future by accelerating EV adoption. Let’s create digital greatness while we’re doing it. Not just tools and apps, but a total package of digital experiences that touch and move you. EEVEE is a spaceship with only passionate astronauts on board.

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Fleet solution

Manage all charging costs and get powerful controls.

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Driver app

Track your charging costs and gain full insight into your EV

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API for car data

Our powerful Vehicle Data Hub to enable the next innovations.

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